Business & Corporate Law

Attorneys at Bybel Rutledge LLP strongly believe that advising businesses is more than just describing legal concepts.  Only by knowing your business, your industry and your aspirations can we provide the type of comprehensive counseling you expect from a strategic and legal advisor.

We also realize that businesses demand responsiveness from both within and outside the organization.  We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our clients on important issues and the cost-effective manner in which our services are delivered.

Formation and Choice of Entity 

Entrepreneurs are faced with a number of choices of enterprise organizations when they begin a business.  Choosing a particular organization over another could have significant tax implications.  Our attorneys assist entrepreneurs in evaluating which type of enterprise organization is right for them not only for now but also for the future as the business grows.

Shareholder Agreements 

When several individuals come together to form a business and contribute capital to that business, the relevant rights, obligations and responsibilities of each participant should be carefully considered and memorialized.  Most often, this takes the form of a shareholder agreement. Attorneys at Bybel Rutledge LLP draft and review these documents, often ensuring that important issues such as termination, mandatory buy-backs and tax reporting have been addressed adequately.

Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements 

Small businesses often invest much time and money in training employees.  However, they often fail to take legal steps to protect themselves from having that trained employee walk out the door to join a competitor or become a competitor himself.  Our lawyers are well versed in drafting agreements which businesses need to protect their investment in their employees within the parameters permitted by law.

Trademarks, Licenses and Franchises 

Protecting intangible and intellectual property is increasingly more important for all businesses.  Businesses should consider establishment of their ownership rights in intangible or intellectual property as important as establishing title to real property or equipment.  Also, agreements permitting others to use concepts, programs or marks owned by the business must be carefully crafted to ensure their value is retained in the marketplace.  Our legal professionals draft and review such agreements.

Non-Profit Organizations 

Our attorneys advise non-profit organizations and currently serve on the boards of several non-profits.  They address issues relating to formation of new organizations, preparing and amending articles of incorporation and bylaws and corporate governance.  We also draft or review conflict of interest policies, merger and acquisition agreements, affiliation and joint venture agreements, agreements relating to establishment and administration of endowment funds and trust documents relating to charitable lead and charitable remainder trusts.